Gary Reed


Gary entered the financial services industry in 1979 and opened the doors to Reed Financial Group in 1983. He has dedicated his career to helping people, all the while having fun. Over the years, Gary has honed his interpersonal communication strategies and created a number of duplicable programs that have helped his personal production – all of which he shares with GamePlan producers today. In addition to helping his clients towards more comfortable retirements, he is passionate about helping other producers grow their insurance business by sharing field-tested programs that help create community exposure, build lasting credibility and attract new business opportunities.

In 2006, Gary’s conceptual vision of a Financial Marketing Organization became a reality when he became a co-founder of 3-Mentors. He immediately brought to 3-Mentors’ producers turnkey solutions to assist in relationship building, community outreach and client acquisition. Under his guidance, 3-Mentors developed and implemented even more step-by-step, duplicable approaches for producers, including a small group concept now known to GamePlan producers as Retirement TableTalk. Still in personal production, Gary is life insurance licensed in all 50 states.

Gary’s passion for helping others can be traced to his hometown – a small town in Maine where everyone still cares about each other. He enjoys spending time with his family – something he gets to do a lot of since both his daughters, April and Abby, work with him in his practice, along with April’s husband, Daniel. It’s an arrangement that also means the doting grandfather also gets plenty of time with his grandchildren. An Atlanta Braves season ticket holder, Gary also enjoys boating and watching football. A member of both Sugarloaf and Keowee Key Country Clubs, he also likes to get in 18 whenever he can.