Life Insurance Team

Do you want an order taker? Or would you prefer to partner with someone with your best interests in mind? Our Life Insurance Sales Coaches are constantly looking for new ways to help you position life insurance as a financial tool that can provide not just a death benefit, but also possible solutions to a number of other financial situations. Their product knowledge combined with an ongoing flow of new sales techniques constantly helps GamePlan producers uncover potential life insurance sales opportunities.

In the way that professional sports teams are built around their “franchise” players, our Sales Coaches are our core. They act as extensions of their producers’ offices – but at our expense. Give them a call and see how they can help you. Think all FMOs are the same? They beg to differ, and will be up to the challenge. And they hate to lose.

“Coaching is unlocking a
person's potential to maximize
their own performance.”

- John Whitmore

Meet the Life Insurance Team