Vice President of Business Development

Since 2013, Chad has helped both our producers and sales coaches develop marketing concepts to help financial professionals grow their insurance practices, addressing complex ideas and challenging situations with creative solutions that are both sensible and strategic. In both his current role and prior to joining GamePlan, he has helped develop and mentor numerous people in the financial services industry at the carrier, distribution, and independent producer level, including helping develop and implement components used in teaching and presenting our Producer Mentor David Gaylor’s Income Allocation theory. Taking to heart Albert Einstein’s words, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” Chad’s goal is help break products and concepts down into a format you’re comfortable with, so that, in turn, you can better present them to your clients and prospects. Prior to GamePlan, he spent nine years with a major life insurance carrier, working his way up through various sales, training and management positions. Chad holds Series 6, 26 and 63 securities registrations and is also life and health insurance licensed.

Chad earned a BS degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He and his wife Shauna have one daughter, but also are parents to Lola the Saint Bernard and Sacha the cat. Along with spending time with his family and friends, Chad enjoys playing most any sport out there, especially hockey and golf. A glutton for punishment, he also enjoys cheering on most Minnesota sports teams. If theme music could play when Chad walks through the office, his would be “Everything is Awesome!” from The LEGO® Movie. In addition, having an upbeat attitude, we also think Chad would have been great as the lead role in the movie adaption of the popular Where’s Waldo children’s book series had the project not been scrapped.

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