Senior Director of Advanced Life Sales

Kit joined GamePlan in 2012 and is a valuable resource for his producers, helping them identify new opportunities, close more life insurance business, and get more value for writing it with GamePlan. Never just an order taker, Kit’s goal is to take as much work off of his producers’ plates as possible so that they can maintain their client relationships and let him be the “man behind the curtain.” Helping his producers identify solutions, not products, Kit is guided by three principles: always do what’s best for the client, is morally just, and at the speed of business. Kit’s prior experience includes high-level sales in a number of different industries, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Marketing positions in radio and an advertising agency also provided experience that allows him to speak eloquently to producers about various advertising mediums and how they can be incorporated into their practices.

When not serving producers and providing comic relief for our office, Kit can be found spending time with his fabulous wife Amy, with whom he likes to say he “outkicked his coverage.” They spend their time making their new house a home, and Kit also volunteers at his church on weekends. A sports fanatic, he is a graduate of the University of Georgia and bleeds red and black. Kit is also a professional at attempting to grill and a self-admitted amateur in doing it successfully.

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300 ParkBrooke Place, Ste. 200
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